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Head Algorithmic Trading Desk

The Head Algorithmic Trading Desk will engage in live trades as the Company tests and verifies its proprietary mathematical algorithms and models. In addition, this individual will work closely with the software and engineering teams to provide feedback for the design and development of its software for retail and commercial applications. This individual will have a proficiency in day trading concepts and the mechanics of trading commodities and/or stock, either through formal education or self-taught. Knowledge in the FinTech industry and a math proficiency is a plus, but not required.

Mathematical Engineer

The Mathematical Engineers will be part of the algorithmic trading desk team engaged in the continued innovation of the Company’s proprietary mathematical algorithms. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated knowledge of complex analytics, algorithmic thinking, and modeling development. Although not required, an understanding of software development, artificial intelligence and machine learning is a plus. The Mathematical Engineer will work closely with the Company’s Mathematical Innovator of our proprietary math models.

Software Process Engineer

We are looking for a Software Process Engineer to join our team in further development of the Company’s software based on Sókn’s proprietary mathematical algorithms for the trading of commodity futures. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in software programming, process engineering and using analysis and critical thinking skills to determine and assess the needs of the end-user, and then create software to meet the requirements.

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