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A 25+ year career in Executive Management and Business Development with a strong and successful track record for identifying and capitalizing on opportunities in the finance industry. In addition, an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for identifying and executing on new growth businesses.


Stacy Lawrence has been a leader in start-ups of small-to-medium-sized companies consisting of FINTECH, medical and fitness technology, and real estate development for over 30 years.

Stacy has mastered what it takes to develop, execute, and maintain a sound operating plan. She also finds great rewards in creating and maintaining solid and focused teams and a welcoming work environment.


Mr. Smith took up software development as a teenage hobbyist and continued as a professional programmer, analyst, engineer, and architect for decades, contributing numerous innovations both large and small to his employers. While working for the Department of Defense in the United States and overseas for four years, Brian received his education at Central Texas College and then the University of Maryland extension in Berlin, Germany. Returning to America Mr. Smith worked six years for Del Monte Foods, three years for AAA Insurance, and then four years at Charles Schwab. After jumpstarting Java development at Charles Schwab, Mr. Smith went on to specialize in Java and its various developer APIs as an Independent Consultant for the next eleven years. Noticing the increasing usage of smartphones, Mr. Smith launched himself into Smartphone (and related server-side) development for the next nine years. Subsequent to his experience in mobile technology, for the next four years Mr. Smith transitioned to the areas of Web applications, the Client, the Servers, the Cloud, and the whole stack. During his time as an independent consultant, Mr. Smith implemented, and sometimes invented code and technologies that you may have seen, including: The Ancestry smart-phone app and middle-ware, the Sonos sound system controller app, a massive world-wide peer-to-peer network monitoring system, the Iteris farm field application and middleware, Ubersense (now Hudl), slow motion video analysis app., and many more. Still on the leading edge after all his years in technology, Mr. Smith’s interests enlarge from writing software, through evolving architecture, to building business that makes a difference to customers, investors, and the world. Mr. Smith joined Sókn Engineering because he believes they will make such a difference.

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Stacy Lawrence


Brian C. Smith


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