Meet the Team


A 25+ year career in Executive Management and Business Development with a strong and successful track record for identifying and capitalizing on opportunities in the finance industry. In addition, an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for identifying and executing on new growth businesses.

Cassie Monaco

& Co-Founder


Christie Smythe is a New York-based business writer, criminal justice reform advocate, and a former legal journalist for Bloomberg News and She has a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and a master's degree from Columbia University, where she also completed a Knight-Bagehot Fellowship in business and economics journalism.

Christie Smythe

Advisory Board Member


Bash Kazi is the founder & CEO of KIG, a security and defense sector investment and management firm that has executed and delivered on programs worth several billion dollars with US government agencies since 2002. He has over 30 years of information technology, security, project management and engineering experience at Fortune 500 companies including 3M and Exxon. Bash holds engineering and technology management degrees from McGill University, Canada and Stanford University, USA. Over the past 4 years, Bash has invested, developed and deployed in unique hyper realistic simulation platforms and cyber ranges at internationally recognized institutions such as the University of Texas, San Antonio and the US Naval PostGraduate School, both of which are Centers of Academic Excellence for cyber security, to provide a unique cyber security training experience and curriculum that fills the urgent global resource and talent shortage in IT and OT security. Bash is also an avid polo and squash player.

Mubashir Kazi

Advisory Board Member


Stacy Lawrence has been a leader in start-ups of small-to-medium-sized companies consisting of FINTECH, medical and fitness technology, and real estate development for over 30 years.

Stacy has mastered what it takes to develop, execute, and maintain a sound operating plan. She also finds great rewards in creating and maintaining solid and focused teams and a welcoming work environment.

Stacy Lawrence

Vice President of Operations & Co-Founder


Erin “Elle” Lear is an American entrepreneur, social media star, and vlogger based in Los Angeles, CA USA. The youngest of twelve grandchildren of William (“Bill”) P. Lear inventor of the Learjet, Motorola, and the Eight Track Stereo System. Her family’s history in the aerospace industry is legendary and has helped to forge the current state of aviation engineering and business invaluably. Noteworthy other family links includes her great grandfather Ole Olsen, a famous vaudeville comedian and Hollywood star of the 1940’s and retired CIA pilot Uncle John Lear known as The Godfather of Conspiracy. Erin spent many happy years of her adolescence in the family’s airplane hangar out at the Reno Stead Airport where her grandmother, Moya Lear, had taken over “LearAvia, Lear Fan” in 1979 following her husband Bill Lear's death. Growing up amongst engineers and family friends in the aerospace sector, Erin built strong natural inner industry bonds and sparked her lifelong passion for aviation and business. Having her grandmother and figures like Amelia Earhart as role models also fed her ambition to see more females working in aerospace.

Erin "Elle" Lear

Advisory Board Member


Marianne Smith is a Founder and Executive Director of Code Girls United. She was an adjunct Computer Science Professor at Flathead Valley Community College.  She is an engineer with BS and MS degrees and has over 25 years of technology and business experience including NASA engineering experience.

Marianne Smith

Advisory Board Member


Jim Camut is an entrepreneur, startup CTO, and full-stack software engineer who designed, architected and engineered one of the country’s first marketplace apps for pet care. He has worked across several industries including identity management, health technology, pet care technology and database analytics. He maintains a passion for bootstrapping new products and technologies and getting them to market at lightning speed. 


With a decade of experience working across product, marketing and engineering teams - Jim brings cohesion and wholistic thinking between them. His expertise is in maturing technologies and the teams that build them, but his biggest passion is still writing code.


After building the technology for his own startup of which he was a cofounder, Jim is now an advisor to several startups. He advises in go-to-market strategies, analyzing and architecting tech solutions and helping to scale technologies.


Outside of work, Jim is an avid cyclist and runner and loves enjoying the outdoors with his wife and growing family in the Bay Area.

Jim Camut

Advisory Board Member