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Cassie Monaco and Stacy Lawrence knew they had innovation that would disrupt the FinTech Industry and give people the ability to take control of their financial health and create financial independence.


Cassie and Stacy are successful businesswomen who thrive on building profitable and flourishing companies. Cassie has a 25-year career in Executive Management and Business Development in the Finance Industry. Stacy has been a leader in start-ups of small-to-medium-sized companies in FinTech, medical and fitness technology.


Cassie and Stacy are confident in Sókn Engineering's profitable future and how it will positively impact the financial future of those who engage Sókn Engineering's products for their trading purposes. However, what is equally important to Cassie and Stacy is their vision for Sókn Engineering to aid the underserved women in STEM. Sókn Engineering is committed to fostering innovation and creating opportunities for women in STEM.


Cassie was born and raised in Missoula, Montana, and four generations deeply rooted in Montana, so there is personal importance to make Sókn Engineering a strong Montana company. Both Cassie and Stacy have strong beliefs in supporting, benefitting, and being active in the Whitefish Community. Sókn Engineering has a scholarship in place with Whitefish Highschool for a young woman who chooses to pursue her education in STEM. We are dedicated to mentoring young people in leadership skills and entrepreneurship by continuing our involvement in the local schools and youth organizations.


Sókn Engineering values its community and is eager to be an asset and serve Whitefish and the majestic state of Montana.

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