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Sókn Engineering is emerging as the leader in proprietary predictive analytics and is a quiet force in the algorithmic trading industry. Sókn’s forward-thinking unique approach, and tools to intelligent algorithmic trading will revolutionize the way commodity futures are traded.


Ten years ago, Sókn Engineering began developing its proprietary mathematical algorithms for the trading of commodities. From the beginning, Sókn’s strategy was to build the Company’s math models to house and incorporate Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and eventually a Neural Network.  


Sókn Engineering stands alone in predictive analytics by providing detailed entry and exit positions – all based on a new type of calculus and a new type of learning with foundations in Machine Learning. Sókn’s management believes the Company will be the first to apply this level of self-evolving AI/ML to algorithmic trading. While others are developing their predictive models, Sókn attacked the hardest part first, the predictive models and are now incorporating the AI/ML. 


Sókn Engineering is also proud to be a mission-driven company by fostering innovation and creating opportunities for women in STEM.

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