Sókn Overview

Sókn Engineering L.L.C. is a Woman-Owned S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Company that, over a seven-year period and thousands of hours, has developed highly complex mathematical algorithms for the Financial Technology (FinTech) industry. Once Sókn’s HyperFund Engine™ (our comprehensive product offering) is complete, we will offer the FinTech industry an end-to-end solution applied to investment banks, private trading desks, hedge funds, individuals, or any organization looking to predict financial behavior. 


We refer to our math as "entrapment calculus," and it’s unlike anything that exists today in the financial technology sector. Our algorithms accurately and consistently predict pricing trends in commodities like crude light oil futures and micro E-mini Futures - but can be applied to virtually any commodity and any market. These incredibly complex mathematical algorithms will be coded into software and then adapted to a machine learning/artificial intelligence environment. Sókn Engineering is a software, mathematics and engineering company that applies its technology to existing trading platforms.

Sókn’s HyperFund Engine™ is a comprehensive vector forecasting system comprised of the following components:


  • Sókn’s Software Platform – our proprietary algorithm that works only with traders and our math;

  • Proprietary Math – arranged in a set of sequentially engaged algorithms and predicts what is going to happen tomorrow…today;

  • Trade Management System – a net that sits on top of the math know how and a proprietary system that talks to the world’s financial markets;

  • Firewall – protects the software, math and trading system so that the math cannot be viewed outside the HyperFund Engine™. Only the output solutions are sent outside the system; and

  • Standards and Rules – mathematical protocols and non-standard processes into a common math translator of machine learning/artificial intelligence.


Valkyrie is the machine learning/artificial intelligence components that teaches Sókn’s math to yield optimal decisions and will be the interface with the HyperFund Engine™.